Internship Program

The Five Pillars Realty Group Internship Program is designed to educate Service Members on the Real Estate industry and prepare them for a smooth and effective transition out of the military and into our career field. We deliver excellent on-the-job training, opportunities to learn from the best in the industry, and a practical approach to learning behind the scenes systems used on a daily basis.

As the Real Estate industry becomes more competitive, it is increasingly important to differentiate from other professionals through real world experience and the ability to communicate the value you offer to potential clients.


The program details



  • Real estate industry
  • Key players and duties/responsibilities within a Realty Group
  • Key players and duties/responsibilities on your external “team”
  • Systems and digital collaboration site
  • Calendar, plans and future operations

On the Job Training from:

  • Group Leader
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Lead Investor Specialist
  • Mortgage Professional
  • General Contractor


  • Lead generation and follow-up
  • Database input and management
  • Building buyer/listing packets
  • Polishing, updating and organizing SOPs and products
  • Coordinating for upcoming events (Real Estate Investors Meetups, client appreciation
    events, team building events)
  • Providing value via social media outlets
  • Thinking critically then providing feedback from a client’s perspective
  • Prepping for weekly team syncs and training
  • Project management
  • Runner duties
  • Basic marketing duties


Ideally 180 days, M-F, 0900-1600hrs, except Federal Holidays & Bragg DONSAs. The exact numbers of days is determined at Commands Discretion, but every day allotted to interning will be put to good use. No time wasted, we don’t allow for bullshitting.

Interns are to participate in our normal Team Training for both agents & real estate
administrators, as well as intern-specific training on their reoccurring duties & responsibilities.
Team training is every Monday & Thursday from 9-10, “Be More” Training is the first & third
Wednesday of each month from 9:30-10:30, Passive Income Mastermind is the fourth Tuesday
of every month from 1-2pm, and Pints & Properties is the 2nd Saturday of every month at
3:30pm (optional, since it’s a Saturday). We plan internal training sessions 4-weeks out,
coordinated & scheduled by our Operations Manager, who is a directly responsible for interns’
day to day activities.
Training Includes:
– Networking 101
– VA/FHA New Construction with Eli, our Licensed General Contractor
– “Subject To” or Deed in Lieu Of acquisitions
– HOA’s + Covenants
– Cross Collateralization
– How to Crush Contract to Close
– Whole Life Insurance
– Delayed Financing
– 1031 Exchanges & Opportunity Zones
– PWC Assessments
– Investing with TSP & Retirement Accounts
– CMA’s + Market Analysis

Various. We often have subject matter experts from our field come into train, as well as senior agents & long term admin. See above list for our upcoming education classes.
It depends on the individual intern’s goals. Not all interns desire a real estate license & the program is specific to the individual.
If they choose to & if they pass the State / National Licensing Exam. If getting a license is their goal, we fully support with study groups, one on one tutoring & accountability.
There is no requirement other than passing the State / National Licensing Exam. The internship will absolutely set them up for success and ensure they’re far ahead of their peers, particularly in their ability to enter the field and find near immediate success.
A license if they choose. Otherwise, no.

Yes. Leadership skills and critical thinking, with a background in the structure & discipline of serving in the military, are always needed and advantageous. Our company is composed almost exclusively of active or prior service, top-performing military members. They will be where they belong.

As Veterans ourselves, we understand the importance of setting transitioning Service Members up for success in the civilian world. We provide the support required in a structured
environment that helps our interns develop their interpersonal, organizational and
communication skills to stand out from their peers.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for additional information.

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